RT7e 3 Phase Switched Mode Rectifier

Plugging in Efficiency

Wouldn't it be great if you could plug and play to an instant efficiency upgrade? That’s what the RT7e achieves.

The RT7 3 phase switched mode rectifier (SMR) has been one of RT’s best seller since 2002. Its unique 3 phase input handling and unparalleled reliability has captured the attention of users throughout the telecoms and defence industries. Now with the RT7e, INCREASED efficiency and REDUCED weight is only a 'plug in' away.

The RT7e is fully backward compatible with the original RT7, offering users a hassle free upgrade in efficiency. Simply remove your existing RT7 and replace them with the new RT7e, and your system experiences an instant increase in efficiency to >97% with NO DOWNTIME.

Brochure & Datasheet

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